Neuer EMIRSAN Half Pipe Tipper Trailer Kippauflieger

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Modell Half Pipe Tipper Trailer
Typ Kippauflieger
Baujahr 2019
Volumen 26 m³
Nutzlast 30000 kg
Nettogewicht 6700 kg
Bruttogewicht 36700 kg
Standort Türkei Konya
Anzeigendatum Mär 31, 2020
Autoline ID MZ16948
Abmessungen 8.6 m × 2.55 m × 3.1 m
Marke SAF
Achsenanzahl 3
Federung Luft/Luft
Reifengröße 385/65 R22,5
Reifenzustand 100 %
Bremsen Scheiben
Zustand neu
Weitere Informationen: Englisch

Volume: 22 Cbm to 34 cbm

Tipper body is produced from Hardox HB 450, Raex HB 450, XR HB450 or ST52 .3 Steel plate. Side doors can be be 4, 5, 6 mm and bottom will be 4,5,6,8 mm thickness. Body includes strengthened rack on the bottom. There are plastic parts to prevent wearing and noise on the points that contact with chassis.


Tipper movement is provided by level 5 or 6 stages heavy telescopic cylinder brand certificated HYVA type Hidromas brand Turkish origin which provides 45 degree tilt angle. Oil tank will be added to trailer, hydraulic contact between trailer and conveyor, is provided by 2 sockets


Strengthened “I” section centre members are welded automatically by submerged welding machine. They are welded between 120/14 or 120/12 mm bottom or top steel plate and 5,6 or 8 mm main plate for standard models.

These racks are supported against being twisted with each other by binding them with axle beams


Turkish Brand, BPW or SAF 9,12,14,16 Ton axles brake drum or disc

There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms


Suspensions ;

It is supplied with Turkish brand of 6 pcs of air cushion with Z leaf spring or mechanical leaf spring suspension with 12 mm x12 pcs of layer with 100 mm width or heavy duty bogie type suspension

Brake System ;

Wabco, Haldex, Knorr brand ABS or EBS braking system or Turkish air brake system will be used.

Brake Chambers ;

1 or 2 Axles with T 30/30 emergency brake chamber,2 axles with T 30 service brake chambers

Electrical system ;

Hella, Aspöck, Sa-Ba or Sertplas brand 2×7 pin sockets – 24V, lights accord to standard in SAE rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light fitted at the rear

2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)

2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)

1 license lamp (white)


Different sizes supersingle or double tire Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Sava, Kelly brand


22,5” size Jantsa-Jantas Brand

King Pin ;

Jost or equivelent Turkish brand DIN 74080 standards 2’’ or 3,5’’ king pin detachable from below made by SAE standards 8 bolt type. With E certificate.

Landing Gear ;

Jost or equivelent Turkish brand front Jack feet are telescopic,parallel working,double speed jointed with wide shoes static 50 tons, dynamic 25 tons capacity

Painting ;

Before the painting trailer is sand blasted

ZincRich epoxy gray is used for first protecting.

1-2 Times of high quality paints are applied on trailer protects against humadity

The color of trailer is selected by our customer according to RAL codes


Multi-piece plastic fenders that covers back axle shaft tires

1 plate tool box

Control Panel(Mob, air clock, access ramp lever)

Plastic water tank

Spare tire conveyor between trailer legs

Mounting and mounting space

Manual tent cover

Automatic electrical tent cover
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